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IP: |  Port: 7171 |  Version: 10/11
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Bienvenido a DreamOT, contamos con RLMAP más completo de todos los servidores de hoy, principales quests, Cooldown e Magias y reformado a un PvP más dinámico y divertido. Exp shared 100%, All Quests. Varios errores corregidos y ser ordenado. Ven a ver el mejor servidor de todos los tiempos! Aqui su diversion garantizada!
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25 Jun 2018 -
Welcome to DreamOT V2

Dream OT

Server Info

  • Experience by Stages
  • Magic: x6
  • Skill: x10
  • Loot: x6
  • Spawn: x4

We will use the client 10 until we get a better client 11.
Link will be released shortly, please check our downloads page.

PvP Settings

  • WorldType: PVP
  • Protecction Level: 50
  • If the player is 35 levels above or lower you, he will drop some experience.
  • PvP Reward System
  • Sometimes, we will deactivate PvP for some events.


  • New Mounts
  • New Outfits
  • New Falcon Items
  • Gnome Set
  • Warzone IV, V and VI without Task.
  • Thais Bosses.
  • Feyrist Island
  • and much more...

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